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Domain Name

The domain name is the unique url for your site. For Example... "" .


Hosting where your website is stored. Think of it like a PC or Server where you store your documents. The difference is, the 'documents' are public. 

New Website Functionality

This will help us gauge your requirements and quote accordingly. 


*This price is an estimation based on the provided answers. Price may vary depending on the costs of Domain name, Hosting Provider, and further functionality that is not asked in the above form.  

Mobile and tablet responsive

Designed for iPhone and Android alike. Don’t be held back with an outdated website. 

Call to actions

Strategically placed and created ‘Call-to-Actions’ that will encourage your customers to buy or to sign up. 


Increase customer engagement and ‘page-time’ with embed YouTube or Vimeo videos directly into your site. 

Integrated Forms

Create ‘book now’, or ‘get a quote’ form and lead captures with the ability to sync info with your favourite CRM or simply to your email. 

Sell products

Whether you write eBooks or sell T-shirts, you will be able to sell products. 

Your branding

Add your customised Fonts, Layouts, and Colours to the overall site, keeping your branding consistent. 

did you know we also offer support

All the Support You'll Ever Need
from $50 / Month


2 Factor Authentication upon login. Brute Force Attack monitoring. File Change and Malicious content uploads. 

Tech Support

Available for the Professional and Premium Packages. Includes a minimum of 2 hour support for month for content updates, strategy call, coaching, redesign, small SEO tweaks and bug fixes.

Backup and Recovery

Offsite Backups occur Hours, Daily or Weekly depending upon traffic and usage.

Core Software Updates

Software keeps your site functioning smoothly whilst limiting the vulnerabilities. 

Image and Page Optimisation

Nothing is worse then a slow site. We take care of the optimisation of images and pages, increase the load time for your customers. 

Up-Time Monitoring

We take the proactive approach by monitoring 24/7 the ‘Up-time’ of your site to ensure your customers can access the site when they are meant to. 

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